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UR Preview: The Dø

Eclectic Finnish/French duo is fresh and fun 

By Alyssa Meza

“We are not afraid of you grownups,” sings Olivia Merilahti of the Finnish/French duo, The Dø, on their debut full-length album A Mouthful (2008).  The lyric is an apt way to describe the eclectic music of Merilahti and Dan Levy, and it’s probably the best way to describe a sound that is not easily translatable to a single genre.

It is youthful and experimental album, which covers a breadth of emotions, much like the amount of applicable genres.  Merilahti’s child-like vocals can be sweet and also bitter on Stay (Just A Little Bit More) with the backing of a ukulele.  Yet angry and frustrated on “Bridge is Broken” and “On My Shoulders.  Levy, a multi-instrumentalist, skillfully incorporates a variety of instruments to create a quirky, off-bet sound that always lets the vocals be the main focus.

It’s one of most unique, least formulaic pop records in a while.  It’s weird here on this album, but it works.  Check them out at Schubas on September 13.  

The Dø || Schubas Tavern || September 13 || 8 pm || $12 || 21+

The Do - On my shoulders from THE DO on Vimeo.

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