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PAX East 2011 in Pictures

words and photos by Andrew Molloy

If you’re into games and gamer culture, PAX is the kind of show you look forward to all year long. PAX East was held March 11-13 in Boston--three very full days of video games, tabletop games, roleplaying games, miniature battle games, and costumed gamers of all types. It had concerts at night, tons of panels and workshops all day, late night films, a huge expo hall, and Rock Band and Dance Central stages in the hallways for anyone to partake. Heck, it was even fun queueing in lines where I was apt to throw down some zombie dice, learn a new game from strangers, or join half the people around me playing the new Pokemon on their DS’ (okay so I had a PSP). PAX stretched beyond the massive convention hall, starting for me on an arriving Amtrak train filled with fellow gamers (there was no room to eat in the dining car, every table was covered with games of all sorts), and spilling into the neighboring hotel with an “interactive fiction suite” (think text adventure games) to a lobby filled with people playing stop motion kung fu at midnight. This was the second year of PAX East and it’s run so well you’d think it’s been going on for ages. It’s put on by the Penny Arcade crew, and they infuse the show with their humor and good nature. With 60,000 or more attendees this year, I was surprised how intimate it could be.

PAX East 2011 Keynote Speech

The tabletop gaming hall. Bliss. Played a fun game of Wrath of Ashardalon.

Rockstar Games booth!

Rockstar Games booth. Great music, thank you $¢!  (UR's own Chess!)

Mass Effect cosplayers.

Console free play room.

Exhibition hall floor.

Playing Dungeons & Dragons: Wrath of Ashardalon.

Playing Zombie Munchkin card game.

The VERY long Star Wars: Old Republic line.

PAX East 2011 cosplayers.

Gears of War dudes were badass but warm in that "I save the universe every day on behalf of the puppies" way.

The Bioshock: Infinite display in the entrance/exit way of the convention center.

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