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Mortal Kombat Painting the Town Red

by Rebecca "Bonks" Rothschild for Sugar Gamers

MK vs. DC was a blast, but as we know, the DC universe dictated the tame makeover of our beloved fatalities and over all blood and guts level. Ed Boon and NetherRealm Studios are bringing the Mortal Kombat series back to the blood-soaked violence gamers fell in love with in the 90s.

So, which characters are invited to the party? I’ll give you a hint, no zombie Liu Kang to be found. All characters in this game will have had to make an appearance in MK games 1- 3. This includes Mileena, Cyrax, Sektor, Jade, Kung Lao, Nightwolf and everybody’s four armed favorite, Goro. Dark versus light returns with Raiden and Shao Khan. Deadly duo Sonya Blade and Jax Briggs are present along with a certain actor not nominated for an Oscar, Johnny Cage. Of course the bad boys are back in town with Sub-Zero, Scorpion and Reptile. Don’t worry Sugar Gamers, our favorite fan whipping diva Kitanna is back. And of course the bicycle kicking man himself, Liu Kang. For the PS3 exclusive, a certain Spartan going by the name of Kratos will be hacking and slashing with the blades of Chaos. Xbox exclusive? The flaming hot rumor is a cameo by a beloved Gears character, but nothing has been confirmed.

There’s a reason for the 1-3 game focus. The storyline starts with Shao Khan on the verge of delivering a fatal blow to Raiden. Just to be safe, Raiden sends a message to himself in the past. So, now we go through the timeline and events of the first three games while Raiden has this new information. This set up allows us to fight in all the familiar places with a gorgeous makeover. And I gotta say, Goro’s pit has never looked better, you can really see all the work his decorator put into making it positively morbid.

Gameplay has a new twist on it. No pre-programmed upper-cut/kick/set on fire combos. Make your own with a new rapid fire combo system that really lets you put your own signature on the beat down. You’ll notice a little power bar filling up as you continue to beat the snot out of your opponent. Power gages have become rather commonplace in fighters but this one has multiple functions. Use your power juice to deliver a crushing offensive blow, or use it defensively dealing out a game changing breaker. But if you can sit tight and fill up the tank, you get a fabulous X-ray maneuver taking you inside your opponent's body so you get a front row seat for all the bone cracking damage.

Over the years, the “-alities” have become a little ridiculous; it went from fatalities to babalities to just blowing up the Earth. Time to get back to basics, so, fatalities and stage fatalities are all we’re dealing with. There is no confirmation on what stage fatalities will entail but considering the gruesome stages I’d say there’s gonna be a few death traps for us to play with. To put the blood spatter icing on the cake, there’s a “Finish Him!” arena that let’s you practice fatalities, so it’s not a small panic attack trying to pull them off. I will say, knowing Ed Boon, the Easter egg rascal he is, he may very well slip in a friendship or two in there. Also, prepare for another krypt of unlockable goodies and whole new currency system. - R.R.

The new Mortal Kombat installment is said to be released April 19th.

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