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No Glasses Required: The Nintendo 3DS is Here

by Rebecca "Bonks" Rothschild for Sugar Gamers

We got our first glimpse of the eye popping 3D technology for the DS at E3 2010, and now it’s hitting the market with a ton of added features. As part of the launch, Nintendo has set up demos across the country including right here in Chicago. Check out my little adventure to the Citigroup center in downtown Chicago for some 3DS action.

Gameboy put handhelds on the map, and now Nintendo makes a triumphant rebirth of what handheld gaming is all about with the 3DS. To start, there are two screens, the top screen being the glasses free 3D display while the bottom screen allows for stylus touch screen capability and further game control. The 3D effect has a dial allowing you to adjust the effect to your comfort level or turn the 3D effect completely off. The system also features gyro and motion sensors allowing for some games to detect movement.

The system also doubles as a 3D camera, has a 2GB SD memory card, a stylus pen with adjustable length and is backwards compatible with DS and DSi games. Talk about fully loaded, and I’m not finished, wait ‘til you put this little baby to sleep.

In its sleep mode, the 3DS has revolutionary functions socializing handheld gamers. The Street Pass lets the devices exchange data when they come into proximity with one another, like passing on the street. A great way to make some new friends face to face. You can control what data you share which can be high scores to what games you play. Also, while in sleep mode the 3DS can detect hot spots to allow players to download content on the go.

The 3DS retails for $249.99 and in comes in Cosmo Black and Aqua Blue. My prediction is there are more colors and skins on the way. Also keep an eye out for more internet interactiveness; the possibilities are limitless. So far, so good on supply and demand, the price has quelled back the hordes allowing you to snap yours up as soon as you scrape your pennies together. - R.R.

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