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ANIMATION: Thunder Reboot Hoooooo!

by Rebecca "Bonks" Rothschild for Sugar Gamers

Some of the loudest buzz from Wondercon came from those who attended the Thundercats panel. A reboot ten years in the making, Thundercats is getting a full on facelift with a whole new look and some noticeable changes.

The animation is cleaner and the overall theme is darker. The new series is said to have grown up with its fans. The animation has had an anime makeover, making it cleaner and allowing the action to be very fluid and fast. As you’ll notice, Lion-O starts off a wee bit older than we remember, while Cheetara is looking a bit more youthful. Panthro is beefed up and has aged quite a bit whereas Tygra maintains his figure. Most interesting of all is the far more adorable Snarf, who speaks his own language (that we won’t understand but the Thundercats won’t have a problem translating). Leotards have been replaced with separates of armor and utility clothing.

Even the Thundertank gets an upgrade, with a hot new look and some great new features. It looks more modular and will have the ability to break off into motorcycles — Panthro’s gonna have his work cut out for him. Meanwhile, resident bad mummy himself Mumm-ra pretty much looks the same, very old and crabby. Thundera itself gets a little more camera time and we get to see the elaborate and regal Thundercat society in full swing as they prepare for the ultimate battle.

Cartoon Network will have the honor of premiering the new series this July.

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