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Chicago Nightlife Awards Fashion  

by Laine Pepp

Old Style and Jameson present Chicago’s first annual Chicago Nightlife Awards on Tuesday April 1st, honoring and recognizing those industry professionals that spend their nights making sure we all have a good time. With that being said, we all are looking in our closets (or at least I am) wondering what to wear for the big night.

The Nightlife Awards are a chance for us to push the limits with our fashion, certainly not a night to blend in; a night for tighter pants, shorter skirts, higher heels, and bolder make-up. With the spirit of honoring and recognizing those industry professionals that are behind our favorite drunken nights, I also want to recognize some of the hottest/best dressed and encourage that we channel our fiercest Chicagoans while getting dressed Tuesday night.

If you want to achieve the perfect “chill vibes” look, Jackie Trezzo knows how to do it right! Leather leggings, leopard high-tops, a flannel tied around her waist and a beanie. Love this look, and paired with a bold lip and lace up wedge booties, you can easily take this relaxed look and dress it up a bit but still look effortless.

Jackie Trezzo (right) mastering the "chill vibes" look

Power couples take note. Nominee Matthew Reeves and girlfriend and Alexandra Boyle always complemet each other and are never afraid to take risks when it comes to their style. Love the gothic vibes and draping —Matt is the king of cowl necks and draped perfection.
Matt Reeves and Alexandra Boyle looking amazing together 

Speaking of power couples, lets not forget to mention Nigel Holt and Jacqueline Camacho. Nigel, better known as Hollywood Holt, and Jacqueline Camacho, brand specialist for Phillip Lim, are both Chicago natives that know how to dress. This look is a perfect example for guys to wear on Tuesday. I love the skinny tie and how Nigel always has the perfect hat to top an outfit off.

Winning pair Nigel Holt and Jacqueline Camacho 

My personal favorite is Zain Curtis with his take on “being Miley.” This is what I secretly want everyone to dress like for the nightlife awards. This outfit is the perfect mix of club kid style with hints of hip-hop and early 90s. Not everyone can pull off pink joggers, but if you can, PLEASE wear them out Tuesday night!

Zain Curtis getting his Miley on

Tiffany Trezzo, Nicole Pritzger, and Jackie Trezzo are channeling The Craft and I am obsessed. Tiffany with a velvet crop top and leather skirt, Nicole with a sheer, blocked bodysuit with high waisted leggings and Jackie with her perfect bold lip and middle part. If every babe dressed like this, I would not be mad about it.

Tiffany Trezzo, Nicole Pritzger, and Jackie Trezzo channel The Craft

As much as I love all black and channeling your inner vampire, it’s so refreshing and awesome to see girls step out in color — especially when it's done right like this monochromatic blush outfit seen on nominee Mia D Vine. The hair, the fur, the fringe, all of it is perfect and if there is ever a time to wear an outfit so daring it’s at the Nightlife awards. I can’t wait to see what outfits the go-go dancer nominees will come up with!

Mia D Vine getting vibrant in violet

Fashion designer and presenter Anna Hovet defines personal style. Her mix of street style and high fashion is perfection and I am definitely looking forward to seeing what she will be wearing Tuesday. A woman who can pull off a suit and still look sexy is someone I aspire to be! Love when women can pull off androgynous looks without losing sex appeal.

Anna Hovet sexy in a suit

Lets face it, it’s easy to wear a body con dress and some heels or some of your best clip-ins and Jeffrey Campbells but YAWN — save those for every other night of the year. Let's take some inspiration from these cats and do something different.

VIST THE CHICAGO NIGHTLIFE AWARDS Facebook event page for details on the event! 

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