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A Tribe Called Quest reunited to headline this summer's Rock the Bells tour, which kicks off this Saturday at the First Midwest Bank Amphitheatre in Tinley Park. The daylong festival will be the last time fans will get to see Tribe live. The tour also features other classic hip-hop groups and artists like Nas, De La Soul, Mos Def, the Pharcyde, Rakim, Dead Prez and Method Man & Redman. UR Chicagogot on the phone with Q-Tip earlier this week. Look for our longer feature in the magazine in October, which will also discuss Q-Tip's new solo album, The Renaissance, set to drop Oct. 14. – Drake Baer

What can you tell me about Tribe coming back together to headline this tour? 
I think its great. I am excited about it.  I think that people should come see it, its going to be the last time you get to see something like this. 

Do you think this will be the final tour for Tribe?

How did you guys — Phife and Ali — get back together, what was the process?
There wasn't a process, we just thought it would be a good opportunity to be on the same tour with Nas, De La, we thought it was a great opportunity to be with everybody. It was really a no-brainer. 

What its like to have such a tremendous response from the audience?
You know, it's amazing. It's a great opportunity for us, it's a blessing for us to be involved with this event, to share the stage. 

Here in Chicago, folks from all walks of life are getting into hip hop, going to shows, what do you think of that? 
I like that, I think that's what hip hop is supposed to be. Musically, it's taking from different sources — blues, rock, jazz, classical — it's borrowing from different sources, to express art, to express opinions. If there's that much diversity in its tenets, and in its properties, the diversity should also be shown vis a vis the audience as well. 

Great seats (lawn and pavilion) for the Rock the Bells tour are still available throughTicketmaster and Live Nation.

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