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Tim Kasher

Interview with Tim Kasher (Cursive/The Good Life) or "Russian Eats Entire Wiener Mobile While Wearing Pope Mobile As Hat"

by Martina Danelaite

When Tim Kasher is not busy managing his solo artistic career, he is the frontman and the voice of the bands Cursive and The Good Life. In just a few weeks, this Omaha indie-rocking native will be embarking on a solo tour, playing songs old and new. We recently had the pleasure of interviewing the talented singer/songwriter, and you can catch his upcoming live performance on March 23rd at Schubas.

UR Chicago: Having done both, would you consider yourself more of a solo artist or part of a band?

Tim Kasher: It's nice having a few different venues for writing. We've never felt the need to define ourselves as specifically one band or another, nor I as solely a solo performer for that matter.

UR: What moves you most in life, both negatively and positively?

TK: Wow, what a question. Hunger probably moves me the most, both positively and negatively. What an insatiable human need, right? Then so purely satiated, just like that, with a good meal. Sexuality can certainly drive a person, though it certainly falls behind our need for sustenance, huh.

UR: Is there an artist whose acknowledgement of your work would mean the world to you?

TK: Sure, but I would be pretty humbled hearing practically any artist I'm aware of acknowledging what I do. But mean the world to me? Sheesh, Paul Simon, Tom Waits, Elvis Costello, Mike Leigh, PT Anderson... I could rattle off so many people that I would be absolutely floored to hear if they had nearly taken notice of me at all. Sounds kind of simple-minded, even flawed, desiring this kind of acceptance, but there you have it. It would be fun.

UR: In what setting do you imagine people listening to your music?

TK: Honestly, in whatever our most traditional settings are: car, headphones on the way to work, exercising, making dinner. The most ideal would be sitting in front of a good stereo and really taking it in, but I don't expect that to be the case nearly so often.

UR: You are about to go on tour. What were some of the best and the worst gigs in the past?

TK: There are shows one would rather not have played, usually ones that paid too well to say no but leave you feeling cheap, whorish. I've been fortunate to have only mistakenly run into that scenario a few times at most. The best shows tend to be the ones in between, the ones on the way to the "great" shows (festivals, NYC), the ones in cramped basements where a bond is formed.

UR: Are there any other creative pursuits at the moment, apart from music? I heard that you were into screenplays and books.

TK: Sure, I write as steadily as I can. Merely a hobbyist at those other pursuits, but I write scripts and short stories.

UR: What do you think are the biggest challenges in the music industry at the moment, for you and in general?

TK: I think the answer is the same for myself as well as "in general": staying afloat. The changes in the industry over the past 15 years have been amazing as far as getting so many more musicians out there, so much more music, but it's also become increasingly more difficult for musicians to maintain careers.

UR: If there was ever a film made about your musical career, whom would you like to impersonate you?

TK: Oh, what a great question! Kermit the Frog.

UR: What are your plans for the 2013?

TK: Recording the second solo album this spring, hope to release it in the fall. Play some shows in the interim with Cursive.

UR: If you could write the headline for this interview, what would it be?

TK: "Russian Eats Entire Wiener Mobile While Wearing Pope Mobile As Hat"

Learn more about Tim Kasher ONLINE:
Tim Kasher Official Website | Facebook
Cursive Official Website | Facebook
The Good Life

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Well, obviously Tim hasn't visited my house, because sitting in front of a good stereo, listening to good music for hours, is precisely what occurs.

March 1, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterTonya

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