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THE HIGH FIVE INTERVIEW | Five Questions with Escort

by Chess Hubbard

We've been big fans of Escort for a few years now, and the extremely talented, NYC-based disco orchestra and self-proclaimed "party on stage" has been finally getting the recognition they deserve. With national TV licensing of one of their early singles, "Starlight," to a recent Vegas residency, Escort is on its way to becoming more than just an indie darling, but a household name. We chatted with lead singer Adeline Michele and founder Eugene Cho in our new HIGH FIVE interview series. Their newest single, "Cabaret," will be released with remixes by Little Boots, Jacques Renault, and Tippy Toes on Tuesday September 24th, 2013 (you can stream the track below).
UR Chicago: For people that aren't familiar with your group, one of the most interesting facts is how large it is — a 17-member "disco orchestra"! Please tell us how you all came together to become Escort and what challenges and benefits come with being such a large group. Also, when you perform live is it all 17 of you?

Adeline Michele: 17 members was how we initially started in New York City. This obviously became challenging when we started traveling. So we adjust the size of the band when needed. It can vary from five to ten. We stick to our full band 16-piece format when playing at home of course.

Eugene Cho: Escort is a party on stage, and while it is fun to invite all of your friends to a party, it can be just as much fun to get together with just a few. So, we've figured out a way to bring the party any way we can. In the end it's not about the numbers, it's about the music. It's fun hanging out after the show with the whole gang, but it can be almost impossible to organize all of our crazy freelance musician schedules, plus airfare ain't cheap. Although, I'm pretty sure Richard Branson is a fan and is currently trying to hook up a private disco jet for us.

 UR: You recently had a 3-night residency in Las Vegas at the Cosmopolitan. How was that experience? (The venue looked amazing.) Are there any particular dream places/locations that you guys want to play in the future?

AM: Vegas is... Vegas. It was a very fun experience. We had to play a longer set than usual so we got to play songs that we may never play again. And the best part was when we gambled our tips away!

EC: We did a special cover of "White Noise" and we seriously did an epic version of "My Prerogative" that might never be heard again.

AM: Dream places? The moon would really be ideal. We could stream the show live. We would open with "Starlight," of course. However, if I can't wear a fitted spacesuit, we might have to find another location. Hot springs in Japan is number two on my list (more skin).

EC: Mmm, we should definitely do a residency in the finest ryokan in Kyoto, even if it might not be the best fit, vibe wise. Seriously, I do want to get the entire band out to Mexico, Brazil and Australia. I just think that people would really get our whole thing out there.

UR: If you were able to book the line-up on a fantasy festival where you were headlining, who would be on that bill with you? In a related question, are there any artists you are currently working with or listening to that you are excited about?

AM: Prince (that would probably have to be a co-bill), Earth Wind and Fire, Daft Punk. With a special hologram solo by Jimi Hendrix at the end of our set. We are super excited to collaborate with MNDR on our next album. Also very psyched about sharing a co-bill with JC Brooks and the Uptown Sound for an East Coast/Midwest fall tour.

EC: Late 80s Eddie Murphy would MC. Also, we would book Def Leppard, but only to watch their reaction when they get booed off the stage.

UR: If you had to give advice to a band that was starting out on what to do and not to do as far as working/surviving/making it in this current music industry, what would it be?

AM: Push every song to its full potential, even if you have to do it over. Surround yourself with musicians that are super talented, but that you truly enjoy hanging out with. Invest your money in a great PR firm. Call a stylist.

UR: Is there an ultimate/end goal for Escort that you all are striving for? World domination? Action figures? A disco musical on Broadway?

AM: No ultimate goal. We just never want to stop getting better. (If we manage to do that, indeed world domination and maybe royalty status will come into play.)

EC: Eventually we want to purchase Skywalker Ranch and turn the prop warehouse into a giant photo booth for the amusement of our friends at our weekly cocktail parties.
We just fell in love... AGAIN. For the love of all things holy, Music Industry Gods, let Escort play on the Moon and throw weekly cocktail parties at Skywalker Ranch! 

Check out Escort online and stalk them through the following social media outlets!

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Stream their latest single, "Cabaret," and if you dig it, pick up the single package with remixes Tuesday September 24th!

Check out this LIVE in-studio performance of "Bright New Life" on Soundcheck from last summer to see the band in action and fabulous as all hell!

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