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Shusei of Aletheia Games

by Pawl Schwartz

The dream: To once again play Sega games on Sega hardware. I have, for years, still held out hope that Sega will return to its former 90s glory and be no longer on the sidelines of gaming by soldiering on as a third party developer for other company’s hardware.

One man going by the name Shusei shares this dream, and he has gotten fed up with waiting. Shusei and his team Aletheia Games are creating a new console called “Razor,” planned to span multiple console generations with the highest of high-spec hardware; all so that they can hand the Razor over to Sega and let them run with it as their new console.

Will it work? There have been some similar attempts at a Sega hardware revival in the past such as Project Dream, which fell apart due to infighting as you can read in the link. The Razor and Shusei are taking a different approach and going grassroots, encouraging fans to bring the Razor to Sega’s attention while it is in development, and hoping that Sega is smart enough to bite and invite the Razor and possibly i’s dev team to be an official Sega product.

Can Shusei make Sega great again? Details are a little scarce at this stage, so I contacted Shusei to find out more.

UR Chicago: Do you think you'll find any trouble gaining community support due to the Sega community possibly being gun-shy from past new console rumors and attempts at something similar such as Project Dream?

Shusei: No, pain is painful and what was done to the hardcore community was terrible. We want to show them an amazing real love story to a company and its fans that deserve dedication and a real effort.

UR: Can we expect to see forgotten (but much loved) Sega IPs get sequels or reboots on the system?

S: We would very much like it, as well as compilations and upgrades with a choice.

UR: That ball would be in Sega's court when they come to the table, I'm guessing?

S: Of course all IP is SEGA's to do with; it's up to them.

UR: About the viral approach you have taken to getting Sega's attention and hopefully their future involvement in the project: Why not go through standard channels to contact them? Is it (and I say this with love) because of their past gaffes in the hardware arena or a desire to keep them out of the development of the system?

S: Hmm, interesting.

UR: Hadn't thought about it that way?

S: No, I have. Trying to word it properly.

Ok, our approach is based upon a solid but definitely unorthodox approach. We saw Project Dreamand the failure it was. We thought about the best possible way to market and make SEGA pay attention. So, what our plan was and is, is to put out Razor to the people, communicate and get them on our side. Provide SEGA with undeniable fact that people wanted a new console. Also, this protects SEGA because they aren't directly involved and aren't promising anything. It is literally provide SEGA with everything they need to not be gun-shy and eventually pull the trigger. Give them no choice but to say yes.

UR: I love that.

S: We would go indirectly to them until we don't and get that board room meeting with fans and former SEGA employees and devs on our side.

UR: I would love to be at that board meeting. :D

S: Literally come at them with the four horsemen (wrestling group).

UR: Hahaha.

S: Putting it more simply, we got the fans, the product, and even your own people on our side. What up, SEGA? Time to kick some butt.

Indirect but open until we meet and talk; they got no choice.

UR: That's exactly the Sega attitude/spirit, too.

S: Oh totally, we got a saying around here. I am SEGA.

I firmly believe that SEGA can't leave their legacy like that going out because of a madman's greed and impossible demands.

UR: I feel the same way about Sega's legacy. They have a flavor all their own that has just been tarnished pretty badly in the years since they dropped out of the hardware game.

S: If it wasn't for Satomi and Tsurumi saving SEGA, a precious part of gaming would have been lost forever. All because a madman greedy okawa.

UR: Is Shusei your real name?

S: Yes, Shusei or if you like Tim, but Shu is my public name because of possible cyber doxing.

UR: You’ve been doxed because of the Razor project?

S: Believe it or not, there are people who claim to love SEGA but are so base and such lying scum they want SEGA to port everything to another system or mobile. They will dox and vilify you as much as they can all across the web.

UR: Good god, I had no idea.

S: These are the people who laugh, scoff and dox people like me who have a genuine love and appreciation for SEGA, and like me believe that the best way to play SEGA games is on SEGA hardware. They are relentless, spoiled babies that cry over little to no MMOfeatures and cause games like Street Fighter 5 to be broken half-baked and MMO or Multiplayer only. They hate anything not on Sony or Microsoft and think they hold the power of the universe through their own manure. They think they are He-Man but really they are Skeletor.

UR: Facepalm for those guys. They may just be too young to realize that gaming used to be more than the Sony or Microsoft way of doing things. I hate playing Sega games on non-Sega consoles like viscerally. Even Jet Grind Radio Future was a bittersweet play on Xbox because of this.

Speaking of ports, new question! Past Sega consoles such as the 32x and the Saturn were notoriously hard to program for and port to for 3rd party devs. How will you avoid these kinds of issues on the Razor without losing that unique console quality (aka, without making it a PC build in a game console case)?

S: Two parts to that question. First, I too get completely sick to my stomach when I play games on non-SEGA hardware; no matter what anyone says, it's not the same experience. Also, playing a game like Sonic Lost World my first impression is Mario Sunshine or Galaxy, not Sonic.

UR: it's nice to know I'm not the only weirdo who feels that way.

S: To the second part, needs some clearing up a bit. 32x was never supposed to be put out there. It was a gaffe by Sega of America. So, it's total blunder andthat can be seen in the fact that Neptune would have made a more logical choice but then Saturn. So, let's clear up Saturn. To do that we need to talk about Sony. When everyone thinks about PlayStation they think Nintendo PlayStation; however, what they should be really thinking is SEGA Sony PlayStation. Project Jupiter was to be a cartridge based 32-bit system, but when Sony came to SEGA with the PlayStation in America they shared the Jupiter's specs, and when SEGA of Japan said no to Sony, guess whotook the specs and ran? Sony. So, because of the PlayStation coming out and the possibility of Nintendo running with a CDbased system, Saturn was rushed by who? Okawa into production and hence not enough time to give developers to properly learn and use the amazing 3D capabilities of the Saturn.  Basically it wasn't hard to program for— it just didn't get the time to do it.

UR: I see.

S: How do we avoid them? Well, I designed the Razor to be solid and to be a multi-generational system. Our unique combo of hardware is what sets it apart from just another PC in console clothing. It's got no OS save a BIOSthat is like a modern UEFI BIOS. An interface designed to work as close to metal as possible and provide superior performance without niggling issues and multiple and shameful updates.

UR: Yes yes yes! Sorry, I'm getting really pumped about this the more you talk about it. When can we expect a reveal of a physical completed console?

S: No problem. I get that pumped everyday when i think about Razor. Well, that's our most current issue. We are stuck there. We have no money nor credit to make one. We are currently trying to get help from some companies, but it's extremely hard to do. I'll put it simply "high risk, high reward".

Imagine having the world's most amazing and delicious cake. Now imagine you're walking a tight rope between two skyscrapers in downtown Chicago. That's where we stand.

UR: You have a way with words, sir. What will the controllers look like?

S: Well, I get this question all the time. It will fit the console's abilities. When you think Genesis and Saturn and Dreamcast you will get the general Idea. Still gotta keep some secrets. Basically no real reveal until SEGA does it on stage; we want the surprise and buzz. Know what i mean, Vern?

UR: No reveal until Sega does it actually sounds like a solid-as-fuck plan.

S: Thank you, yet we get dumped on by commenters for the exact opposite. Obviously they have never had to market anything.

UR: Backwards compatibility has been mentioned for the system. Is this going to be in the form of an online library of Sega's games, or will I be able to pop my Panzer Dragoon disc into the system and play it?

S: Real deal, We would like you to be able to play everything from Sega CD up to DC. Natively on the system. Cartridges could get a third party attachment and or downloaded like SEGA forever to the system and played on FPGAthrough SIMULATION not Emulation. Better performance and the various cores for the FPGA built by SEGA themselves.

Oh yeah, and something people skip over way too often is total and complete SEGA arcade games on Razor too. No joke. From Frogger to Transformers. Remember, our goal is a multi-generational console. One that will last for a thousand years.

UR: Hence the aluminium hardcore case the console has?

S: Yes, that and the controller too and our usage of MDISC, a 1000-year media.. SEGA is going to go in a very amazing new direction. By 2020 Sega will show something beyond our understanding of gaming. But before that happens Razor should be the last and most powerful reminder of SEGA's history and their uniquely awesome F\flavor.

UR: Wow, you've thought this out really effing well, I love it.

S: Oh there is more my friend. Never again deal with disc rot or scratches.

What caused the 360's red ring? I am SEGA and have been thinking about this for 20 plus years.

The red ring was caused by overheating right? What if i said our console can handle up to 900 degrees F and not bat an eye? No heat sink, no fan needed. Of course there will be one, but it won't be needed.

UR: Woah.

S: Well being SEGA I have an inbuilt knowledge or instinct, but it's their amazing SEGA teaser that the real info is in. Since we did our version of it I had to spend days and hours learning new software for video editing. Over the course of doing that I got to know the teaser intimately, and the clues are pretty plain to me.

With the 2020 thing you gotta think beyond 3D glasses and hololens. It's really amazing.

UR: Oh man, you're going to make me go watch that video obsessively until I see these clues.

S: Yes, please do and then watch our edit—the one I did by myself and learned a new program in five days on. Compare the two, and you will see. Also watch for Razor clues in our version; I snuck some in. Hint, hint the office scene and his cell phone.

UR: So, what was the final straw that made you say, “Fuck it, if Sega won't make a console, I will step up and make it for them.”

S: Back in 1999, I bought a Dreamcast at Christmas. As i was doing so a guy, looked like he was a hardworking guy, came to get a Christmas present for his family. They don't have much; he didn't have enough, so I helped him out and helped him buy a Dreamcast for his family. Then two years later SEGA, aka Isao Okawa, pulled the plug and they left. I said to myself how many people out there worked and slaved away only to now be shit out of luck. So, after the Xbox showed up with clearly SEGA influenced hardware it pissed me off so bad i started thinking and researching and saying to myself, I will not miss a single thing they do. I will watch and listen and learn. I will find a way, then after injustice after injustice to everything SEGA was came on PS XBOX and worst of all NINTENDO. in 2016 I had had it and sat down in 15 hours with awesome retro 80s synth music on YouTube and learned a new 3D CADprogram in that 15 hours designed the console. Found Project Dream was going to talk to them, then suddenly Project Dream broke up, and I said alright screw them I am SEGA and i will show how it's done. Here I am today, started with nothing, worked my rear end off  working a part time job at a grocery store getting paid 180 bucks a week, made it here now.

UR: How will the graphics of the Razor stand up next to the current gen?

S: Well, here are some facts for you to consider. When i started my YT channel I called for a new Sonic like the Genesis ones because people craved it, and what did SEGA do? Sonic Mania. I called for a new Daytona USA because it was unique and really cool and that SEGA fans really wanted it, what happened?  Daytona USA 3. It goes on and on. If you watch my videos and look at the dates, then look at what SEGA did after those dates, you will see. Remember I am building a Multi Generational System—the graphics aren't just next gen, they are Next Next Gen. From 720p to 12k. You don't even have to own a LCD; you can use a CRTand framemeister all the way up to a 12klat panel screen.

Aletheia Games is our company name. It means Truth. I will keep that promise.

Durability, longevity, Multi Generational Amazing SEGA.


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