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CLIENT || Heartland

Label: Metropolis
When: April 10th, 2007
Reviewed by: Neil Miller, Jr.

Growing into their ever-evolving sound, Client has fulfilled all expectations of what a third album should be.  Following the path of electro siblings Ladytron, the trio welcomes the sound of a full band in exchange for the two-dimensional sound of their first two albums. Heartland kicks off with the title track, a song that conjures up such a desolate and airy atmosphere, it’s quite mind-blowing, considering the rest of the album is extremely danceable and over the top. The third track, “Lights Go Out,” is a wicked romp through the better part of the ‘80s via Depeche Mode-style synths and a sugary sweet killer of a chorus: “No mercy, no pleasure, no sin / I stand guilty loving you again.” Heartland is a 44-minute blast of sexuality, electronic voyeurism and the sophisticated sound of an electro outfit transcending the boundaries of their genre.

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