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Glass Candy || Warm in the Winter

Glass Candy
Warm in the Winter EP
Label: Italians Do It Better
Released on: September 1st, 2010 [iTunes/Digital Only]
Grade: 3.5 out of 5 meatballs
Reviewed by: Amanda Kaiser

After 15 years of playing music, Glass Candy originals Johnny Jewel and Ida No are back, spinning disco synth-pop for the masses with an end-of-summer jam ironically titled Warm in the Winter. The band got their start in 1996 and released three studio albums featuring droning disco with a voice reminiscent of Nico. The two haven’t haunted the dance floor in a while though, so their single, released at the beginning of September, came as a big surprise for Glass Candy loyals. The band is also touring with their label all September as a part of Italians Do It Better’s West Coast tour.

The two-piece disco outfit bedazzles their dreamy disco ballads with glittering chimes, No’s airy falsetto, and slinky synths, all of which make for utterly danceable jams with a timeless electronic feel. “Warm in the Winter,” the EP’s title track, rolls in with orbiting, crystalline electro beats and trilling, sugar-coated lyricisms. The track is spangled with “yeah yeah woo hoo’s,” monkey sounds, echoing howls reminiscent of 80s and the added treat of the utterly kitschy spoken word on No’s part. With a cosmic, synth-driven backbeat, this song makes the perfect base for a purely instrumental version also featured on the release.

The Portland duo rehashes the 80s in the best way possible with “Beautiful Object.” The song is driven by house piano and a clicky drum machine as No’s sultry voice croons detached, honeyed verses like “Death to me is just a possibility.” This disco music is delicately restrained and spans a mere four tracks, two of which are solely instrumental versions of the other two. The Oregon group’s euphoric Warm in the Winter is like a taste of glass candy on the tongue if it ever existed: delicate, sweet, and fleeting.

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