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Omega Gray

Omega Gray
Author/Publisher: Seb Doubinsky/Bizarro Pulp Press
Release Date: Feb 1st, 2016
Grade: 5 out of 5 meaty fucking balls
Reviewed By: Pawl Schwartz

Omega Gray
will rearrange your face. If you know who John C. Lilly is — well, this is a welcome addition to the canon of psychedelic literature — coming from the land of bizarro. Not entirely unexpected, but only in the sense that you never know what to expect from a bizarro author like Seb.

The thesis of this work: “As a neurophysicist, what he wanted to know was if Death, as a physical place, was only a figment of our imagination, or if it was another dimension which we accessed through the process of dying.”

Not hooked? Omega Gray opens in the jungle with our protagonist, a college professor, sampling ayahuasca (I assume) for the first time, testing the above thesis by trying all manner of psychedelics in order to try and break through to the other real dimension that is death.

Reminds me of reading DMT: The Spirit Molecule for the first time, noticing the absurd similarities in visions of widely varying people, machine elves and the like, and wondering to myself, in the manner of a conspiracy connoisseur, “What if another real dimension is being accessed through the pineal gland?”

As this is a slim volume, it gets a slim review, lest I give away all the fun packed inside Omega Gray (hint: Seb fucking breaks hell like a 700-pound man on an escalator). I can't rightfully express the territory Seb has marked out with his multiple shining efforts (Song of Synth being my favorite), but know that it is in the poly-crotch where John Lilly, Phil Dick, and Lovecraft's parts come together to form a mystical and unspeakable literary genital; that genital is Seb, and you should read his shit right the fuck now.  

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