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VIRTUAL SELF @ Aragon Ballroom

Virtual Self
Where: Aragon Ballroom
When: September 7th, 2018
Grade: 4 out of 5 meatballs
Reviewed and Photographed by: Neil Miller, Jr.

It’s hardly uncommon for electronic music producers to release music under different monikers.  It allows them the freedom to step outside the box that their day job confines them to.  While some artists may not veer too far outside their comfort zone for side projects, Virtual Self is worlds apart from the rest of Porter Robinson’s catalog.  Virtual Self is an appropriate name because this project is most likely one of self-indulgence.  Instead of catering to his more EDM-centric fanbase, the Virtual Self project is packed full of electronic music subgenres that we just don’t hear about much anymore.  But it isn’t off-putting at all, quite the contrary in fact: it’s all run through the Porter Robinson brain, so he’s found a way to make all these crazy niche sounds appeal to a wide audience.  But for the real Virtual Self experience, it begs to be seen and heard live.  Luckily for yours truly, I caught the Chicago show this past Friday night.

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